Harold T. Fisher

Mr. Harold Fisher has his hands full as the Host of Howard University’s WHUR radio show “The Daily Drum” and with his many talents that he discusses in this interview, what a clear and concise view on his own personal style and how is work ethic pulls it all together.

5 thoughts on “Harold T. Fisher

  1. I had a really good time speaking to Mr. Fisher and I wish him the best with his new venture and continued success with Howard University’s own WHUR.

  2. Excellent interview Robbie. Harold was telling the truth about being conservative while at Morgan. We use to call him Mr. Bowtie….he wore them almost everyday.

    Also, I loved that plug for your brother….that’s the way to network.

  3. Great interview. Every young Black male should have the privilege of viewing your interview with Mr. Fisher. I am going to share it with my grandson. Harold Fisher was a fashion trendsetter even as a young junior high school student. I was his vice principal at Thomas Johnson Junior High, and he was always neat. He is correct about dad being an excellent role model for him. Have not seen or talked to him since those jr. high days, however I listen to him on WHUR in the evenings. Great job!!

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